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ODL is well known for being committed to manufacturing the highest quality sliding patio doors, decorative door glass, clear door glass, custom door glass and severe weather door glass. Since 1945, ODL has been innovating their glass doors for countless customers. As a leading provider of door glass for residential entry doors, ODL is the trusted glass door company. ODL decorative glass doors come in a wide variety of styles that are perfect for wherever it may end up in your household. For the greatest selection of wholesale windows and replacement windows for ODL, rely on the ODL experts at Smart Replace Corp.
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Severe Weather Doorglass Styles

A variety of ODL products are designed specifically for high wind areas, including Florida's Wind-borne Debris Region and the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), and Texas' Gulf Coast Area. ODL Severe Weather products tested meet the impact resistance codes and requirements of Florida, Texas, and the Department of Defense, among others. Our Severe Weather laminated door glass features an aluminum hurricane impact frame.
Severe Weather laminated door glass also reduces sound transmission.
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2013 ODL SevereWeather Web - View PDF

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